It’s All Geek To Me #1- Dragon Con (aka Geek Mecca)

Written By: Dawn - Sep• 10•13


The Dr. Who Ball attendees.

The Dr. Who Ball attendees- TARDIS (Reamani), the Doctor (Tiffany), a Dalek (Julie), Amy w/gender issues (Jason), the Brigadier (Keir), a Weeping Angel (Reg) & a second TARDIS for good measure- me.

I  returned home last week from another universe- Dragon Con. Held in Atlanta, Georgia every Labor Day weekend, Dragon Con is a fan centered SciFi/Fantasy/Gaming/Comics convention for the proud, the geeky and the Jedi. Many Muggles (non-geeks) seem perplexed by these events and my participation in them (including some family members).

First and foremost a Con is a celebration. We celebrate movies, comics, art, books, podcasts and games in the genres we love- scifi, fantasy, paranormal and dystopian to name but a few. As a writer, I cannot help but be drawn to an event that highlights the best there is in story-telling. But that doesn’t quite explain why I own a custom made Jedi Knight costume complete with a sound-chipped light saber.

So why go there? Why go full Jedi? Shouldn’t a 46 year-old woman being doing better things with her time? Certainly I could, but it’s the time spent not doing the things you should that makes doing them all the better when you finally do.

Did you get that?

When we talk about work and life balance, it always centers on achievement. Like there’s a specific formula for success and if you master it you’ll never feel like you’re short-changing some area of your life. That, my friends, is an urban legend.

When I think of balance, I want to feel like I’ve fit in some time to do things I enjoy on a regular basis. But there’s never enough time. Even at work I run out of time. I read everyday. Often for only ten minutes before bed, but as long as I get that time in, I feel balanced for the day. For other people daily exercise or bible reading makes them feel centered and calm. Pick your elixir, you get the idea.

For me, dressing up in costumes with other adults is a way to reconnect with my inner child and with my creativity. Sometimes it’s serious, sometimes it’s silly, always it’s fun. I’m not worried about work, about my family or global warming. However, I do enjoy meaningful  conversations with other attendees. This year I attended a panel discussion about gender and minority roles in the Star Wars universe as well as one discussing how cleverly the Game of Thrones women must maneuver around the rules of their patriarchal society.

Now you might not consider these “real” world issues, but remember that all art is an expression of the themes, fears and questions about societal paradigms.

And after all that heavy stuff, I rush off to attend something like Hobbit Drinking Songs- BYOB (You bet your second breakfast I did!).

The Brobdingnagian Bards leading us in song.

The Brobdingnagian Bards leading us in song.


In short, I came to Atlanta, I saw my good friends, plus made some new ones, and I conquered a group of Mandalorians who ganged up on a Han Solo at the bar. Good, clean (sort of, costumes make you sweat after a while) fun.

Here's me, saving a Han Solo.

Here’s me, saving a Han Solo.


Of course I made Han buy a round after I saved him!

Of course I made Han buy a round after I saved him!



Han and Chewie- BFFs

Han and Chewie- BFFs


The good company I keep!

The good company I keep!



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  1. Michelle says:

    You are so awesome. Looks like you had a great time. I’m torn between doing SDCC or Dragon Con next year. Aaaah!!!!

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