Goodbye Doesn’t Mean Forever

Written By: Dawn - Aug• 02•12


Believe it or not, colleges across the country are preparing for the start of the fall semester. Last week the Wall Street Journal published their annual article for parents about letting go (7/25/12 “At Freshman Orientation, Helping Mom and Dad Let Go“) because now parents are so enmeshed in their children’s lives college drop off is physically painful.

I must be an anomaly of sorts because I’m quite looking forward to dorm check-in (August 23- woot!). I confess I feel a touch of envy that Big Boy is at a public state college and instead of a tony Ivy league school that offers handholding to struggling parents.

When we dropped him off last year there wasn’t a special ceremony, a special campus administrator  trained in handling helicopter parents or even edible treats. Instead we all hoped for a parking spot to open up nearest to the right entrance to our child’s dorm.

But we survived. Sure I cried a bit more than I thought I would, but overall I was excited for Big Boy. He certainly was excited.

One of the things I’ve figured out is that the less I know, the less that can upset me when it comes to parenting. I see parents who want to micromanage college  in the same way they did the first eighteen years of their child’s life. Aren’t they tired? I know I am. I mean do you seriously  want to know how infrequently your son will wash his linens? Believe me moms, you can’t handle the truth!

Let go and let God,or the RA, handle it. That’s what they’re there for.

Am I worried about Big Boy’s safety at college? No. Drinking too much? No. State of his sheets? I prefer to pretend he doesn’t have sheets so I can’t even imagine how dirty they are. I don’t worry, I hope. I hope he goes to class. I hope he studies and I hope he asks for help if he needs it.

In other words, I hope for the best.

And while Big Boy’s college doesn’t pander to needy parents, it isn’t an insensitive institution at all. We just got a lovely note from them with special graphics and symbols like “$” and all manner of numbers. Apparently payment due by is the new wishing you all the best. 

Ah, parting is such sweet sorrow.



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