Crazy, Crowded & Creative: Comic-Con 2012

Written By: Dawn - Jul• 19•12
Dawn With the Walking Dead

Don’t get lost in the exhibit hall at Comic-Con, you never know who is lurking about!


Big Boy and I returned from San Diego Comic-Con a few days ago, but I’m still basking in the afterglow of all that sweat, swag and Star Wars. Say what you will (and the “Muggles” walking around the Gaslamp District certainly weren’t shy with their adjectives for describing Con goers) but at its heart Comic-Con is a celebration of creativity.

The Con is packed with people who have discovered a way to earn a living from their imaginations- artists, writers, musicians, actors (both voice and the regular type) graphic designers, gaming programers and vendors just to name a few. These folks are also at the forefront of using all Media formats to to sell, inform and promote their brand or wares.

In addition to all that, you get to walk around with a lightsaber!

Jedi have a way of finding each other.


So why does a fortysomething mom of two go to Comic-Con? To have fun of course, the silly type of fun we rarely get to tap into in our busy, responsible adult lives. But it’s more than that. I go to see friends, I go to see my favorite stars from my favorite movies and shows both old and new and mostly I go to drink in all that creative energy and excitement.

I scored about half a dozen free Young Adult books for the library I work in from various publishers who had booths. I met a few authors  and chatted with them about trends in YA fiction. I brought back posters and pins and one fab T-shirt that will make a great display for my students.

I heard some of the best writing advice ever during the panel entitled Girls Gone Genre which featured women screenwriters and producers (Marti Noxon, Jane Espensen, Karyn Kusama, Deborah Ann Woll, Angela Robinson and Gale Ann Hurd) discussing writing about women in genre TV and film and being women in a traditionally male-dominated field. Standing room only for that one!

I witnessed a historic geek moment- the 10-Year Anniversary reunion of long-cancelled but much celebrated TV show Firefly and had one of my own when I got to ask my Doctor, Matt Smith, a question in the TV Guide Panel while dressed in my TARDIS costume. And yes, he did comment on my costume!

TARDIS and the Fourth Doctor.


I even made friends with a Dalek.


What is the correct plural for TARDIS?

But all of this crazy fun means nothing without the company of good GWC friends to share it with.

Topgun, Lady D and DawnAZ (We all go by our online handles.)


JollyAndy, me and EvolutionGirl


My best companion by far was Big Boy. We had an incredible time geeking out together and sharing our passion for shows like Falling Skies, Legend of Korra & Dr. Who. We also sang our hearts out at the Dr. Horrible’s Sing-A-Long Blog sing-a-long. I don’t know when he and I will have another opportunity to travel together Mommy & Me style and I will cherish the memories of our trip.

Big Boy & Mama at Nerd HQ, the gathering spot for fun put on by the good folks from The Nerd Machine which raised money for Operation Smile.


So call us what you may- nerds, geeks, freaks- but those who know how to embrace fun will live long and prosper.

So say we all!

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  1. BFF says:

    I’ve never seen an episode of Doctor Who – nor do I know what a Dalek is or why light sabers are differnt colors… However, it looks like a great time!

  2. RobinInSeoul says:

    What an epic time! Sorry we didn’t get to meet up! Missed sooo many people!

  3. MrsJulieGWC says:

    So Say We All!!

    Thank you for sharing your SDCC experience highlights! You always have such great take-aways from every con and meet up to share : )

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