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50 Days Til 50!

  In fifty days I will will turn 50-years-old. I’m going to spend these next few weeks reflecting , preparing and wrapping my head around another life transition in my own way. If you look around, there’s a lot of advice and quips designed to make fifty less frightening. Here are a couple I found- […]

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What About Me?

Last year my church started a group for moms with teenagers. This is something I’d been lobbying for but sadly, like the preschoolers group and the school-age moms groups before it, it came on the sunset of my days in that phase of life. This has been a pattern over the last twenty-five years- me […]

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Feathering the Empty Nest #1: Adults Only

  2014 is off and running and I am full of goals and ambition! In addition to posting more often (don’t cringe) I’ll be featuring special categories this  year. The first one debuts today- Feathering Your Empty Nest. 2014 is the year The Better Half and I officially become Empty Nesters. All year I’ll be […]

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