50 Days Til 50!

Written By: Dawn - Dec• 23•16


In fifty days I will will turn 50-years-old.

I’m going to spend these next few weeks reflecting , preparing and wrapping my head around another life transition in my own way. If you look around, there’s a lot of advice and quips designed to make fifty less frightening. Here are a couple I found-

Life Begins at 50- Let’s hope not. This just sounds sad as hell. I’d like to think that we’ve all been living life fully and fifty is merely a marker for a new chapter that doesn’t involve car seats, building Santa gifts at midnight on Christmas Eve, worrying about a teen driver and, if you’re really lucky, middle-age spread.

Fabulous, Fierce, Fun, Faking It, etc. at 50!- There’s a desperation to these sayings, like you’re trying to convince yourself that the elephant in room didn’t shit in the corner and the smell you smell is in your imagination.

Turning 50, Looking 30, Feeling 20- Bold-facing lying going on here and 50 is too old for peddling delusions.

50 is the new ___- I do think attitudes about aging are shifting and turning 50 doesn’t feel the same today as it did a generation ago. If Gen X knows anything, we know how to rewrite the rules.

Look, cutesy quotes are nice for cocktail napkins but I’m needing a bit more. Aging is the good news, it means you’re still in the game, that adventures await and, at least while you still have your driver’s license, you can decide which direction you’d like to go in.


As I prep for the big day, I’m relying on the wisdom of others to get me in the mindset that older is okay, reflection imparts wisdom not wistfulness and comfort in your skin (and skinny jeans) makes all the difference. On the bookshelf are-

Claire Cook’s Shine On: How To Grow Awesome Instead of Old

Anna Quindlen’s Lots of Candles, Plenty of Cake

Kathi Lipp/Cheri Gregory’s The Cure for the “Perfect” Life

In addition to stretching my mind around turning fifty, I’m also committing to a fitness regiment the next fifty days. I’d like to lose 10 pounds (damn, I put that in writing). Mostly, I want to work exercise back in my schedule without giving up wine.

I’ll let you know how that goes.

What I understand most about this time in my life, is that I have plenty left to do and discover and given the time frame, I’d best be a bit more intentional in how I go about it.

From A.A. Milne in When We Were Very Young

And I’d say to myself as I looked lazily down at sea: ‘There’s nobody else in the world, and the world was made for me.’

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